Regular Meeting Agenda

Alamosa City Council Chambers

300 Hunt Avenue, Alamosa, CO

July 2, 2014


As a full service municipal government, our mission is to enhance the quality of life

for our residents, visitors, and businesses.  We strive to provide balanced

business, employment, recreational, and residential opportunities.


Any person needing reasonable accommodation to attend or participate in a public meeting, please contact the Alamosa City Clerk’s office by telephone (719) 589-2593, by email, in person at 300 Hunt Avenue, or by mail at POB 419, Alamosa, CO  81101. 




7:00 p.m. – Regular Meeting

                        I.     CALL TO ORDER AND PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE

                       II.     ROLL CALL



Alamosa City Council welcomes your comments.  Citizens wishing to speak may obtain and complete a speaker card through the City Clerk at the start of the meeting.

A.  Audience Comments

B.  Follow-Up


V.        CEREMONIAL ITEMS                

A.      Introduction of new Police Department employees and recognition of promotions.


                     VI.     CONSENT CALENDAR A

The Consent Calendar allows multiple actions with one motion.  Consent Calendar A contains routine items which have been recommended for action by staff or advisory boards.  Council may remove a consent calendar item for separate consideration.


C. 1. a.           Award of Bid, 2014 Street Improvement Project

C. 1. b.           Approve Renewal of Permitted Use by Special Review  

C. 2. a.           Receive May 2014 Expenditure Report

C. 4. a.           Accept Cemetery Rules Revision

C. 7. a.           Approve Minutes of Regular Meeting June 4, 2014

C. 8. a.           Receive May 2014 Monthly Reports


                   VII.     REGULAR BUSINESS

                                C.    Business Brought Forward by City Staff

                                        1.     Public Works                                               

a.  Resolution No. 7, 2014, A Resolution approving the Final Plat of the Murphy Theatres, Subdivision, Lot 1 Block 1, City of Alamosa, Alamosa, County, Colorado.


b. Preliminary Order for construction of sidewalk in a Special Improvement District for three parcels on Clark Street.


b. Continued discussion on West 8th Street possibilities for Alamosa School Board.


                                        8.     City Manager/Legal

a.  First Reading Ordinance No. 7, 2014, An Ordinance Approving Two Intergovernmental Agreements with the Colorado Department of Public Safety (Colorado State Patrol) to provide radio dispatch service to the Alamosa Police Department and the Alamosa Fire Department based on the dispatch fee schedules set by the Colorado legislature.


b. First Reading Ordinance No. 8, 2014, An Ordinance Approving Intergovernmental Agreement with the Alamosa School District for the School Resource Officer for the school year 2014-2015.


D.     Committee Reports

E.      Staff Announcements





                                A.   CONSENT CALENDAR B

The Consent Calendar allows multiple actions with one motion.  Consent Calendar B contains routine items that are under Council’s jurisdiction as the Local Licensing Authority.  Council may remove a consent calendar item for separate consideration.


                                              B.1   Approve Special Events Permit Application for Alamosa County Chamber of Commerce, BBQ Events at Cole Park on August 1 and 2, 2014.