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The City of Alamosa is dedicated to conserving our water to preserve our quality of life. Water conservation or using water efficiently is important to help secure our water supply for the future and we encourage Alamosa residents to use the resources on this page to practice water conservation both indoors and outdoors.  

Why conserve water?

  1. To protect and preserve our natural ecosystem from further damage.
  2. To save water and money, using less water puts more money in your pocket.
  3. To save energy, in order to get water to your home energy is required to run the equipment.

How is the City conserving water?

In 2015, the City of Alamosa created the Water Smarts Team (WST) committee with the goal of increasing water efficiency throughout the city by a variety of means, such as creating an educational program that includes this website, a database website on plants specific to this area and other resources and tools that you will find below. This committee is comprised of representatives from multiple stakeholders within the community, such as Adams State University, local nurseries, the Alamosa Tree Board, Historic Preservation Board, SLV Water Conservancy District, Alamosa County, private citizens, East Alamosa Water & Sanitation District, and City employees representing planning, parks and recreation, and public relations.

The WST currently represents most of the target institutions and groups who are integral to the City’s Water Efficiency Plan (WEP) efforts. Most recently, the WST reviewed all City-owned properties (including parks) and public right-of-ways looking for opportunities to remove turf grass or hardscape and replace those ground covers and impervious surfaces with water-conserving plants, mulches, and pervious surfaces. Fourteen sites have been selected, and it is anticipated at least four of these sites will be improved by the end of 2019.

The group is a natural avenue to coordinate water-saving efforts outlined by the City in the WEP to the individuals and institutions who can affect the most change. Further, this committee will be able to assist in the implementation and monitoring of efficiency measures by applying their own knowledge and rapport throughout their organizations and spheres of influence.

Starting in 2018, the City has been working to update the 2007 Water Conservation Plan. You can find the latest version of the Water Efficiency Plan below:

2019 Water Efficiency Plan Update Schedule And Approach

2007 Water Conservation Plan


The City has also gathered and analyzed data on the trends on water use from 2013 to 2017 and how factors such as rate increases, precipitation, and education on conservation correlate with the water usage between residential and commercial use.

Water Use Trends


The two resources below can be used together to give you an estimated idea of water usage for your household and usage cost.

City of Alamosa Water Rates

Calculate Your Water Use


The below ordinance outlines what constitutes wasting water. To report wasting of water please contact dispatch at (719) 589-5807.

Wasting Water Ordinance


Saving water can be as easy as turning the water off while brushing your teeth or using an automatic shut off on your hose outside. To learn more about water saving tips that will put more cash in your pocket and all around be better for our environment check out the links below.

10 Outdoor Water Saving Tips

10 Indoor Water Saving Tips


To learn more about what plants and trees prefer less water and thrive in the San Luis Valley visit the pages below:

Planting Trees

Planting Flowers


Helpful Videos 


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Tips & Resources

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