The City has been successful in implementing a number of water conservation measures and has now identified future measures that particularly focus on education and outdoor water efficiency. It is our goal to reduce water demand and provide cost savings for water utility customers. To this end, and in order to satisfy the requirements of the Colorado Water Conservation Act of 2004, the City adopted a Water Efficiency Plan in 2020.

Water conservation or using water efficiently is important to help secure our water supply for the future. We encourage Alamosa residents to use the resources on this page to practice water conservation both indoors and outdoors.

What Constitutes Wasting Water?

To report wasting of water please contact dispatch at (719) 589-5807

From 2013 to 2017, the City gathered and analyzed data on water use trends, and how factors such as rate increases, precipitation, and education correlate with the water

Water Conservation

Water Use Calculator

Indoor Water Saving Tips

Turf Watering Schedule

Water Smart Gardens

Outdoor Water Saving Tips

The City of Alamosa is dedicated to conserving our water to preserve our quality of life

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