Why worry about water conservation?

Conserving water can be as easy as turning the water off while brushing your teeth, or using an automatic shut off on your hose outside

How Much Water Do We Use?

The average Alamosa resident uses 111 Gallons Per Day (GPD) of water

Water conservation is extremely important across Colorado, but the San Luis Valley is “high alpine desert” and is in a constant state of water shortage. Historically, water supply in the Valley is severely over-appropriated. The City of Alamosa has demonstrated a long-term commitment to water-wise stewardship through responsible and efficient use of our water resources. 

Water saving tips that will keep cash in your pocket
and conserve our vital water resources

Are Your Outdoor Plants Thriving?

Water Efficiency Plan

Water Use Calculator

Indoor Water Saving Tips

Turf Watering Schedule

Water Smart Gardens

Outdoor Water Saving Tips

The City of Alamosa is dedicated to conserving our water to preserve our quality of life

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