Recycling Questions?

Please contact the Public Works Department
(719) 589-6631


1130 Old Airport Road (East end of 12th Street)

Summer Hours
M-F: 8 AM 6 PM
Saturday: 9 AM 6 PM
Sunday: 12PM 6 PM

Winter Hours
M-F: 8 AM 5 PM
Saturday: 9 AM – 4 PM
Sunday: CLOSED

Winter hours begin with each time change


Rickey Recycling Center

Blue Recycling bin with recycling arrows symbol
The Recycling Center does not accept the following items
Common Household Construction Automotive
Plastic Bags
Aluminum Foil
Window Panes
Oil Containers
#3-7 Plastics
Foil Baking Pans
Antifreeze Containers
Light Bulb
Paint Cans
Trash of any kind

We can’t accept these materials for many reasons, including lack of a consistent or regional market, employee and/or public safety, material handling difficulties, and/or additional State mandated permitting and administration for hazardous residues. Please help us maintain this free service by not contaminating your recycling stream.

Yes, you do need to sort your recycling. This is a self-service location. Please toss the items in their appropriate bins. HERE is a video to better understand the various plastics. 

The recycling center does not pay out.

Yard waste can be disposed of at the Rickey Recycling Center

Residents may also choose to participate in yard-waste pickup using the green toter. Yard waste pick-up is offered weekly from the first Monday in April to the last Monday in November.

To sign up for yard waste pick up, call (719) 589-6631

Three bundles of compressed cardboard and similar material for recycling, awaiting retrieval on a dock


Newspaper: Remove newspapers from bags, boxes, or bindings.

Magazines: Magazines, glossy paper, colored paper.

White Office Paper: Includes white copy paper, typing paper, computer paper and white envelopes.

Shredded Paper: White shredded paper only.

Cardboard: Please flatten boxes, now accepting chipboard such as cereal and soda-pop boxes.

#1 PETE Clear Plastic: This includes #1 clear plastic bottles and containers as well as bottles with blue, green or brown tint (i.e. pop bottles).

#2 HDPE Colored Plastic: This bin is for solid colored #2 plastic such as laundry detergent bottles. Please rinse and remove lids. NO engine oil or antifreeze containers due to hazardous residue.

#2 HDPE Natural Plastic: This bin is for natural, frosted, or semi-opaque plastics such as milk jugs. Please rinse containers & remove lids.

Steel Cans: This bin is for soup, food and similar cans. Please rinse cans. Labels are acceptable. NO scrap metals.

Aluminum Cans: This bin is for aluminum beverage cans and cat food cans. NO aluminum foil sheets or baking pans.

Glass: We accept glass bottles and jars. Please remove ALL caps and lids. NO light bulbs of any kind.


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