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2017/2018 Artwork

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Touching Sound

Maureen Hearty


Touching Sound is an interactive musical sculpture. Aluminum pipes rise from a beautiful arrangement of circles and curves, creating a hint of a birds head watching it all. –Maureen Hearty

Artist Interview

Cascajal/Alchemy Span

Michael Sharber


This piece is about the early marks that make up written languages. The Cascajal Text is the earliest language found the Americas, Veracruz Mexico, and then I played that against early symbols of Alchemy that were the beginnings of science.  –Michael Sharber

Artist Interview

This Is Living

Damian Radice


Little fellow coming out of a pipe. Put a coin in his ear and his eyes light up. –Damian Radice

Mr. B

Lance O'Dowd


Bronze buffalo head bust with metal farming plow blades. This represents the interaction between man and the buffalo. –Lance O'Dowd

Big Red

Suzanne Kane


This welded steel structure is fabricated using repeating circular pattern and imitates the blooming of a flower. It is finished with a durable, hard-shell powder coating. –Suzanne Kane

Artist Interview

Twisted Perch

Debra Zelenak


I’m constantly amazed at the intricacy and beauty found in natural objects. When I’m out hiking and need a “breather” I pick a spot to rest where there is something interesting to observe. I believe that other creatures do the same, such as the three birds resting on this twisted perch –Debra Zelenak

Artist Interview


Craig Lehmann


This is a one of a kind unique piece with contemporary lines in a representational style. The steel is cut and welded with bronze. The finish is a rich layering of enamel. The sculpture depicts a hawk catching a snake. It is a visually dynamic work. –Craig Lehmann


Tim Southward


As a visual artist I work in the medium of glass and metal to create sculpture. I am interested in exploring the non-functional side of glass as a medium. Many of my works are formed by assembling multiple glass pieces, in combination with metal to create a larger work. –Tim Southward

Running Girl

Harold Linke


Running Girl is the “air-calligraphy” essence of childlike wonder, capturing the joy of a simple breeze and the freedom in running. –Harold Linke

Artist Interview

Johona-Mai (Navajo for Sunny-Bright Flower)

Kasia Polkowska & Kyle Cunniff


Johona-Mai, Navajo for Sunny Bright Flower was named to honor the Navajo Nation who is ancestral land we inhabit. She was created in Alamosa, Colorado - the land of 'Cool Sunshine'. To reflect our region, we incorporated Southwestern colors, focusing on the bright blue of our big, clear sky and the warm yellow of the ever present sunshine in the San Luis Valley. –Kasia Polkowska

The Mason

Teresa Lind


Figure of a confident and elegant woman who represents the work of masonry. –Teresa Lind

Morning Mist

Greg Todd


Two Blue Heron are perched on logs, drying their wings as the sun breaks through the “Morning Mist.” –Greg Todd

Heavy Metal

Richard Mertineit


Heavy Metal depicts an abstract female Jazz or Blues singer fabricated mostly from steel pieces taken from the old historic Speer Boulevard Bridge; she has some Denver history built into her as she sings the blues of days gone by. –Richard Mertineit

Artist Interview

A Diminished Presence

Bob Heintzelman

Price: $3,000

This piece is intended to show the animal in a very stylized way, but also represents how man has reduced the Bison to vary much diminished presence. –Bob Heintzelman

El Pastor

Huberto Maestas

The City has purchased El Pastor and it will be a permanent piece.

A Pueblo sheepherder tending his while his dog keeps a vigil over his flock. –Huberto Maestas


Amyas Maestas


As an artist and sculptor my goal is to bring a smile to the face of all who view my artwork. My sculpture is designed to be touched and move you. It is meant to engage a lively conversation for everyone. I enjoy being an artist and using my hands to shape clay into art. The everyday simple things that surround us are my inspiration. My vision in creating art is to express a view of life that is joyful, playful, and fun. As a sculptor, the “artist” experience in the public art world has been very rewarding. Originally sculpted in clay, the finished work of art is cast in bronze.  –Amayas Maestas

Artist Interview

Nature's Invitation

Josh Jared

Price: $2,750

I'm interested in repeating natural elements and patterns that lie within nature that invites us into its space. Nature invites us into its home, through its beauty and mystery. I've created a structure that reflects a house, with four walls and a roof. The design is very simple and repeats itself on each face of the house. On the four walls, the viewer can recognize patterns such as branches and leaves. On the roof, the sun and the moon give us life, and the key unlocks the possibility to better understanding the relationship we have with our natural environment. I want my viewers to gain a better understanding of the relationship we have in nature and recognize the importance of discovery. – Josh Jared

Congratulations to Kasia Polkowska & Kyle Cunniff for their entry Johona-Mai (Navajo for Sunny-Bright Flower)!

The 2017 Peoples Choice Award winners.

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