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ArtScape is an art on loan program and the sculptures are selected through a community jury process and then placed throughout downtown to create a unique self-tour sculpture walk. The program was created in 2017 to help beautify and revitalize the downtown. The goal of the program is to promote and exhibit artwork while also enhancing the community atmosphere and creating a unique sense of place. ArtScape is funded by an allotted budget that City Council approves, by sponsorships, and donations. There is an Art Committee group that consists of community volunteers and staff this group helps with the logistics and goals of the program.  All of the artwork on loan is for sale and the City receives a 20% commission, which is reinvested into the program. For more information on this program, to purchase art, to be a sponsor, or to make a donation please contact Jolene Webb at 719-587-2024 or All monetary support of $100 or more qualifies for a 25% Colorado Tax Credit as well as a Federal Tax benefit through the Enterprise Zone.

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2018-2019 Sponsorship Opportunity

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The following pieces are on extended display from 2017:

El Pastor

Huberto Maestas

City Owned Sculpture

A Pueblo sheepherder tending his sheep while his dog keeps a vigil over his flock.

–Huberto Maestas


Craig Lehmann


This is a one of a kind unique piece with contemporary lines in a representational style. The steel is cut and welded with bronze. The finish is a rich layering of enamel. The sculpture depicts a hawk catching a snake. It is a visually dynamic work.

–Craig Lehmann


Amyas Maestas


As an artist and sculptor my goal is to bring a smile to the face of all who view my artwork. My sculpture is designed to be touched and move you. It is meant to engage a lively conversation for everyone. I enjoy being an artist and using my hands to shape clay into art. The everyday simple things that surround us are my inspiration. My vision in creating art is to express a view of life that is joyful, playful, and fun. As a sculptor, the “artist” experience in the public art world has been very rewarding. Originally sculpted in clay, the finished work of art is cast in bronze.

–Amayas Maestas

Nature’s Invitation

Josh Jared


I'm interested in repeating natural elements and patterns that lie within nature that invites us into its space. Nature invites us into its home, through its beauty and mystery. I've created a structure that reflects a house, with four walls and a roof. The design is very simple and repeats itself on each face of the house. On the four walls, the viewer can recognize patterns such as branches and leaves. On the roof, the sun and the moon give us life, and the key unlocks the possibility to better understanding the relationship we have with our natural environment. I want my viewers to gain a better understanding of the relationship we have in nature and recognize the importance of discovery.

– Josh Jared

Art purchased by the community:

Running Girl

Harold Linke

Purchased by Konnie and Damon Martin and donated to SLV Health. Located on the main campus of SLV Health. 

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