Press Release 5/28/2020 – Getting Back to Business: Restaurants and Retail

On May 25, 2020, Governor Polis announced guidelines for reopening restaurants. The City of Alamosa understands the preparation it may take to re-open under conditions that limit occupancy in order to comply with social distancing. The following information may help restaurants and retail businesses strengthen their re-opening plans. The information includes a new process to help support businesses that are able to expand seating, conduct business transactions, and display merchandise in formerly restricted areas. Certain restrictions, such as ADA compliance, will remain in place.

During the declared emergency period, the City of Alamosa is loosening current codes/ordinances in place for parking, signage, and other restrictions upon City Manager approval.

  • Restaurants and businesses that are able can utilize some of their parking as outdoor seating, merchandise display, and conducting transactions with customers.
  • Restaurants and businesses without dedicated parking are encouraged to contact the City to discuss the potential use of public rights-of-way such as public parking lots, sidewalks, and streets.
  • This will require an encroachment permit. Applications are available at Alamosa City Hall and at Please call Public Works for more information at (719) 589-6631.
  • The following must be provided to the City prior to approval (for private parking lots and public rights-of-way):
    • A description of the area to be utilized for such activities including a simple drawing or image of the area selected to be used and its relationship to the existing building.
    • A description of any other elements of the plan including tents, tables, chairs, fencing, signs, etc. (include in the drawing/description)
      • All must be adequately anchored for the safety of patrons
      • Include any drilling or work that must be done to accommodate such elements if the area is publicly owned
      • All tables, chairs, fencing, awnings, tents, decorative additions are at the provision and expense of the business owner.
    • Email descriptive documents directly to Deacon Aspinwall at or call Public Works for an appointment at (719) 589-6631.
  • Additionally, for those restaurants that hold a current liquor license, the State of Colorado has made an allowance for permit applications to temporarily extend liquor service to such areas subject to the following:
    • The area must adjoin the currently licensed property.
      • For areas not adjoined to the property, possession of use must be acquired and the control plan must detail how liquor will be moved from building to proposed area. The State will review these applications on a case by case basis.
    • A fee of $150 will apply
      • The City of Alamosa will reimburse the cost of the fee as part of its business recovery efforts. Licensees must provide receipt of payment to the State for reimbursement.
      • Pay the $150 application fee to the State at:
    • The intent of the State is to streamline and expedite this process for restaurant owners as a temporary COVID modification
      • Please complete Form DR 8442 and attach required documents:
        • Drawing of proposed licensed premise extension
        • Control Plan
        • Proof of possession of property or permission of use
      • Please submit all documents to City Clerk Holly Martinez at, or call (719) 587-2512 with questions regarding liquor licensing.

In addition to the on-site parking change, the City of Alamosa has provided small businesses the option to use additional signage to advertise their services. Permission is required prior to the placement of new signage.

  • Sign permit applications are available at Alamosa City Hall and at Please call Public Works for more information at (719) 589-6631.

Businesses are expected to comply with state and local orders governing operations during the COVID-19 pandemic as per Public Health standards for the safety of patrons and staff.  It will be important for businesses to train staff to appropriately monitor compliance with the public health orders including social distancing and use of personal protective equipment.

In Summary:  To use parking lots, public parking, sidewalks, etc., please contact the City of Alamosa for guidance and approval.

Please refer all non-liquor licensing questions to Kathy Woods, City of Alamosa Economic Development Director at (719) 587-2546 or (719) 588-4092.


The City of Alamosa is a multicultural community of 9,000+ centrally located in the San Luis Valley of Southern Colorado. The City was incorporated in 1878 and is the gateway to the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve where more than 525,000 visitors enjoy Colorado’s natural beauty each year. For more information, visit us at

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