Press Release 4/16/2020 – Temporary Election Signs

Each year from May 1 through July 5 and September 1 through November 15, temporary election signs are allowed in Alamosa using the following Summary of Provisions found at Division 4-7 of the Uniform Development Code. To see the full Code, please visit


Signs in Public Right-of-Way in Residential Zones

  • These signs do not need permits
  • If in public right-of-way, only allowed in residential zones
  • Permission granted by owner or tenant of property adjacent to right-of-way
  • Top of sign less than 3 feet high
  • Must be 18” behind back of curb and 12” from sidewalks
  • Signs smaller than 10 square feet only


Signs on Vacant Property

  • These signs do not need permits
  • Unlimited number of signs, maximum size of each sign is 32 square feet.
  • All signs must be set back at least 3 feet from property line (2 feet in residential zones) and may not be more than 4 feet high (5 in residential zones and 8 in CB and CA zones)
  • No signs are permitted in the public Right-Of-Way except as described above

All other times and locations not mentioned above must conform to Table 21-4-702A of the Uniform Development Code. All signs must be promptly removed after election.


The City of Alamosa is a multicultural community of 9,000+ centrally located in the San Luis Valley of Southern Colorado. The City was incorporated in 1878 and is the gateway to the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve where more than 525,000 visitors enjoy Colorado’s natural beauty each year. For more information, visit us at


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