Press Release 3/5/2019 – Dog Waste and Plastic Bag Project

Alamosa has a growing number of parks and recreation amenities, including two dog parks. The City’s Parks and Recreation Department has adopted an innovative program to help keep public spaces clean and beautiful and to combat the issue of dog waste left on park grass and along trails.

The current setup of pre-manufactured dog-waste stations supplied with scoop dispensers are very nice, but costly to maintain. The expense of the bags alone limits the number of stations that can be provided. Instead of purchasing more scoop dispensers in 2019, staff have decided to incorporate re-using grocery bags for a cost-effective dog waste solution city wide. Generally, most plastic grocery bags go from store to home to the trash can and ultimately end up in a landfill. This program at least gives those bags one more use.

Moving forward, staff will stock used grocery bags in existing dog waste dispensers and will evaluate the need for building more dispensers throughout the City’s recreation amenities.

Please call (719) 589-2105 for more information.

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