1. Avoid the Wind –  Avoid watering during windy weather
  2. Let it Rain – Avoid watering when it’s raining
  3. Check it Monthly. Monitor your sprinklers on a monthly basis
  4. Shut it Off –  When using a hose make sure it has an automatic shut-off valve
  5. Fix Leaks –  Check for leaks on a regular basis with sprinkler equipment, faucets, and pool/spa structures, and fix them as soon as possible
  6. Sweep it Up –  Use a broom instead of a hose when cleaning a driveway, patios, and sidewalks
  7. More Mulch –  Add a layer of of mulch around your landscaped areas, this will help keep the water in and the weeds out.
  8. Mow Less –  Mow your lawn leaving it two to three inches tall, this will help keep your turf healthy & will help fend off weeds, drought, and disease.
  9. Lawn Care –  Give your lawn proper care with aerating and fertilizing, this will help your lawn stay healthy and water reach the roots
  10. Plant it Right –  Learn more about grasses and plants that prefer less water

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The City of Alamosa is dedicated to conserving our water to preserve our quality of life

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