The Alamosa Fire Department answers an average of 460 calls per year
Calls range from structure fires, wildland fires, automobile accidents, hazardous materials, water and ice rescue, smoke and odor investigations, and public assistance


We do a variety of inspections for businesses, day care facilities and residences. For additional information on the inspection services we provide, please contact Inspector Chapman


The Department also provides fire prevention education for children in the schools in our community, and fire prevention and safety programs to businesses and other organizations throughout our community
Community risk reduction is a process to identify and prioritize local risks, followed by a strategic investment of resources to reduce their occurrence and impact
It is a process to help communities to find out what their risks are and develop a plan to reduce those risks viewed as high priority
The department hosts several station tours each month as students from across the valley tour our facilities to learn about fire prevention, firefighting and our equipment
4 bay fire station and driveway, green grass, blue skies

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