Water & Wastewater Department

The Water and Sewer Division manages the City’s wastewater and water treatment plants as well as all the associated infrastructure such as water and sewer pipes, water towers, manholes, wells, hydrants, and lift stations.
The City serves approximately 2,400 residential accounts and the East Alamosa Water and Sanitation District provides water and sewer to approximately 1,700 residents.

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During business hours, please contact Public Works with your request (719) 589-6631

For water/sewer shut offs when the office is closed call Dispatch at (719) 589-5807

Only City of Alamosa employees may turn the water on or off at the meter box. 

Please contact the office staff at (719) 589-6631 for assistance. To receive water and sewer services, the property must be within the city limits of Alamosa.

If you need a temporary water meter, please fill out this application - Temporary Water Meter Application and bring it in the office or send it to planning@alamosa.co.us.

If you have questions contact - (719) 589-6631

The Finance Department is responsible for utility payments please contact them at (719) 589-4526.

This typically happens when a sudden change in water pressure disturbs the sediment in the bottom of the lines, such as knocking pipes, fire hydrants being used, or with work on a nearby line. This is coloration is not harmful.

Turn on a large water faucet, such as a tub or an outdoor faucet, and let it run until it clears. If after one hour it still has not cleared up, contact us at (719) 589-6631. After office hours please call (719) 589-5807

A red discoloration can sometimes appear as a result of the chemical process used to remove arsenic from drinking water. Traces of iron and manganese are what give the water a reddish tint - both of which are safe to consume at the amount found in Alamosa's water.


More information can be found in this presentation!

If you are a company needing to access your equipment on a city water tower, please fill out the following Tower Access Permit Application. Access requests must be made at least 3 working days in advance, except in case of an emergency. If you have questions contact - (719) 589-6631 or planning@ci.alamosa.co.us

The City does not currently dispense bulk water. However, the East Alamosa Water and Sanitation District has a water filling station located at 10 Costilla Blvd.

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