Turf Watering Schedule


Water between the hours of 6pm and 10am Odd numbered addresses water on Tues, Thurs, and Sat only Even numbered addresses water on Wed, Fri, and Sun only No watering on Mondays Exceptions Does not apply to the watering of vegetable gardens, nor to new plant material such as flowers, trees, and shrubs on the day of planting These restrictions shall not apply to watering essential to properly irrigate turf subject to heavy public use These restrictions shall not apply to watering for up to 21 days to establish new turf from seed or sod Effective Immediately
Turf Watering Schedule Warning left on door is initial contact 
  • First Violation: $50 
  • Second Violation in two years: $100 
  • Third Violation in two years: $200 
  • Fourth or subsequent violation in two years: Greater fine and/or imprisonment/loss of service at the discretion of the municipal judge 
For more information, please call Public Works at (719) 589-6631 
Effective Immediately by CITY ORDINANCE

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