Homeless Coalition Board


The Alamosa Homeless Coalition Board is a standing advisory committee created for the purpose of discussion and identification of causes, effects, and potential solutions to the homelessness issues in Alamosa, and to assist in development of strategic partnerships, collaborative responses, and engagement of community resources to address homelessness.

St. Benedict Campsite 

City Council provided direction in their May 6th 2020 meeting to locate a permanent homeless campsite on City-owned property at 2400 Old Sanford Road, near the rodeo grounds and industrial park. The campsite has been established as the St. Benedict Campsite. This campsite allows a place for individuals to relocate from unsanctioned private property or public property campsites. Without it, the City is unable to enforce its “no camping” ordinance if there is no place to send individuals once removed from an area. This comes from the 2019 9th Circuit case City of Boise v. Martin, et al, 920 F.3d 584. The US Supreme Court let stand the 9th Circuit’s ruling that homeless people have a right to sleep on the sidewalks if no shelter is available.  While the case applied to sidewalks, it is applicable to all public rights of way and property.   In order to keep individuals from camping throughout the community (alleys, trails, parks, sidewalks, open space, etc.), it is legally necessary to have one identified location, such as St. Benedict Campsite.


scrabble letters that read "in lifting others, we rise" (Courtesy: brett-jordan-oXjvbhXxm4w-unsplash)

Staff contact:  PIO Phone (719) 587-2024

Meeting Days:  Fourth Tuesday, Each Month
Meeting Time:  6pm
Meeting Location:  Council Chambers

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