Façade Improvement Policy

Façade improvements represent an effort and an investment by building owners to improve the aesthetics of the community. The following guidelines outline eligibility requirements and procedure for use of such funds.

The applicant will need to provide the City appropriate backup for the expenditures such as a signed contract for improvements or invoices matching the application form. Financing including personal funds must be two times the amount of the requested grant. For example, if a grant in the amount of $500 is requested, other financing must equal at least $1,000.

Participant must fill out the attached form identifying the private source of funding and include plans for work to be done. Funds will not be available for such items as power washing sidewalks, moveable furniture, etc. All improvements must be to an actual building and visible to the public. Interior improvements are not eligible for the grant. The City will fund buildings for improvements that have previously been improved using City funds, but priority will be given to those who have not been previously provided funding. City funds may only be used for façade improvements, specifically materials.

While not as competitive as façade and structural improvements, signs are eligible for funds.

Minimum Grant $500. Maximum grant $5,000.

All facilities to be improved must be within City limits, specifically within the City’s Downtown Overlay District or in a Commercial Business Zone.

Applicants must present City staff with the application form and its required attachments. Successful applicants will be able to provide the City with necessary invoices and documentation to show the City funds were spent on the required items. All improvements using City funds must be completed within one year of award. Funds will be provided on a reimbursement basis. Funds will only become available after the City and applicant sign an award letter. The City reserves the right to limit the number of participants or the total amount available in any year. While the City typically sets aside $20,000 for this program, funding is dependent upon Council action. The City reserves the right to suspend the program at any time and the submittal of an application is not a guarantee of funding or of funding availability.

Facade Improvement Application

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