Juvenile Diversion Program

First-time juvenile offenders ages 17 and under, may choose to participate in the Restorative Justice Diversion Program instead of going through the traditional court procedures.

What is Restorative Justice Diversion?

RJ Diversion is an alternative to court. It is a voluntary process for “making things right” with those who have been affected by your offense. It involves one or more meetings and group sessions, depending on your offense.

Benefits of Restorative Justice:

  1. Be part of deciding consequences for your behavior
  2. Own up to what you did and take care of it directly with those harmed.
  3. Repair relationships
  4. Avoid a court record if you successfully complete the diversion process.

To participate in the Restorative Justice Diversion Program, please see the Court Clerks for determination of qualification and a referral.

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