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The Finance Department is responsible for maintaining a healthy municipal government with financial stability to provide continued and consistent public services over the years, despite changes in the economy and other financial impacts. The Finance Department collects all City revenues, such as sales taxes, utility billings, permits, municipal court fines, curb and gutter repairs, etc. The Finance Department is also responsible for payments to vendors who provide goods and services to the City of Alamosa.


To read the full act and for more information on the management of plastic products

FINAL - Bag Fee Return Form

FINAL - Disposable Bag Fee Flyer

BAG FEES effective January 1, 2023! In 2021, the General Assembly passed House Bill 21-1162, the Plastic Pollution Reduction Act. As a result, a statewide fee of 10 cents on BOTH plastic and paper bags will go into effect on January 1, 2023. Retailers in Alamosa are required to collect the fees in 2023 and remit 6 cents per bag sold to the City of Alamosa quarterly beginning April 2024.

Exempt = stores that operate three or fewer locations in Colorado, and are not a part of a national chain.

Single use plastic bags and containers made from polystyrene (Styrofoam) BANNED at large retail store and restaurants beginning 2024.

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The City of Alamosa is a home rule city that contracts with the State of Colorado for sales tax collection and reporting.
Sales Tax Remittance Information

  • Use tax is filed, and paid directly to the City of Alamosa

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