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The Development Services Department is responsible for managing the City’s built environment and creating a livable community that balances the needs of residents, businesses, property owners and visitors. The Department also assists other departments and the community in efforts to address a wide range of issues including land-use studies, downtown revitalization, affordable housing, transportation planning, and water conservation.
Day to day work for staff includes providing guidance to residents/property owners on zoning, land use, constructions and additions, subdivision, annexation, sign policy, short term rentals, and general property information. For the quickest response, and to schedule an appointment with staff, please reach out through the contact form below.
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Find out what the zoning of your property is on our interactive  Zoning Map

Zoning is an act or process of partitioning a city into zones reserved for different purposes (such as residence or business).

To learn more about our zoning refer to Section 21.2 of our UDC.

The Unified Development Code is Chapter 21 in the City of Alamosa Municipal Code. The code is a set of guidelines and regulations on development in the city. It is recommended to look through the code before working on any developments residential or commercial.


The City of Alamosa welcomes you to our business community. Starting a business is exciting and challenging. We want you to succeed! There are many things you will need to consider; we compiled answers to many commonly asked questions in our New Business Guide.

For any questions about if a business can be located at a specific location, please contact the planning department staff. 

For general business license questions contact the Finance Department at (719) 589-2593

We recommend discussing any development plans with us before your projects begin to make sure the land use and zoning is appropriate for the development. Please schedule an appointment by contacting the planning staff via the form below. 

We are available Monday - Friday 8am to 5pm

In the Spring of 2022, the City of Alamosa passed an ordinance regarding short term rentals (STR). The city has been divided into STR zones, and each one has a cap on STRs. The map can be found HERE. If your zone is full you, can be placed on a waitlist. The regulations that STRs must adhere to can be found HERE.

If you are interested in operating a STR in the city, please apply HERE.

First time applicants must pay a fee of $750 and annual renewal is $300.

We’ve recently updated our sign-code regulations and have put together this handbook to help give you a brief overview of the new code. This handbook is intended only as a user’s guide and is not a substitute for the actual requirements found in the code. It is a good place to start if you have any questions about signs.

New signs or changes to current signs will likely require a permit from the City. Any sign visible to the public from a street, adjacent property or other outdoor circulation area open to the general public is required to have a sign permit unless the sign qualifies as exempt under the provisions of the code. Some signs that don’t require a permit, like real estate signs or temporary signs, are still subject to certain regulations within the sign code. Sign permits are free, so when in doubt, pull a sign permit. Sign permit applications may be found here.

The Comprehensive Plan is a policy document that provides a vision for the future and sets out specific goals, policies, and land use planning that specify how to achieve this vision. The plan provides direction for decisions about economic development, land use and development core infrastructure such as water, recreation, public facilities and emergency services; and the future of Downtown, and aligns partnerships with other organizations to implement this plan. The citizens of Alamosa provided the policy direction articulated in the Comprehensive Plan through an extensive and broad-based public process and regular meetings with city staff and leadership. This is the community’s document. The plan was adopted in January 2017.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am interested in putting a fence on my property. What do I need to know?

  1. The fence cannot be over 6 ft tall, and no higher than 4 ft from the front of the building to the street. (There are exceptions for industrial zones).
  2. We do not allow barbed or razor wire in the City. (There are exceptions for industrial and agricultural zones).
  3. Code regulations about fences can be found HERE.
  4. You will most likely want to hire a surveyor to mark your exact property lines before building your fence. Proper identification of property lines is your responsibility.

I am interested in operating a food truck. What do I need from the City?

  1. A mobile food truck vendor license will need to be filled out and turned in to the finance department.
  2. There are regulations on where the food truck can be parked which can be found HERE. Contact the planning staff to double check your site plan.
    - This
    MAP shows where the food trucks can be parked in Public City Parks
  3. The finance department works with business licenses and any questions regarding the application can be directed to them at (719)589-2593.

What am I allowed to develop/do on my property?

  1. The ability to do something with your property (establish a use) depends on what the proposed use is and what the property is zoned.
  2. If you are not sure, contact the Planning Department to get clarification.
  3. If an aspect or a use was lawfully previously established, but isn’t currently allowed, it is called a “non-conformity” (sometimes referred to as grandfathered or legacied). Non-conformities must be continually in use to retain that status.

How do I get an address for my property?

  1. We do not give addresses to vacant lots; the lot must receive a Building Permit to be assigned an address. 
  2. We do issue address verifications for assigned addresses on request please contact the planning staff.

How do I determine where my property lines are?

Surveyors are the only ones who can lawfully delineate property boundaries. The City does not have that information.

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