Amendment 74 Information

What is Amendment 74?

Financed by certain out-of-state special interests as a state constitutional amendment to strengthen “private property rights,” Amendment 74 is a thinly veiled attempt to protect special-interest profits at the expense of everyday Coloradans. Amendment 74 will diminish your city or town’s ability to provide basic services residents depend on at the taxpayers’ expense.

Amendment 74 will undermine the ability of local governments to protect their residents and communities in vital areas such as:
• public safety and crime reduction
• clean air and water
• preserving neighborhood integrity
• transportation, sewer maintenance, and other critical infrastructure
• trash collection
• parks, recreation centers, and other neighborhood amenities
If Amendment 74 passes, it will:
• hold your community liable simply for operating in the public interest
• increase lawsuits and costly litigation — all financed by you, the taxpayer
• increase the cost of government while simultaneously reducing essential municipal services
• decrease the quality of life for all Coloradans — for the benefit of out-of-state special interests


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