Alamosa Streets Trust Fund
During the Alamosa City Council work session on January 23, City Council discussed the idea of placing a 1/2 cent dedicated street sales tax before voters this November. The proposed dedicated street sales tax would increase the City’s ability to maintain city streets from approximately $500,000 − which funds about one street project per year − to $1.8 million annually. The proposed dedicated street tax would sunset after 10 years to ensure accountability and would be placed in a Street Trust Fund for 100% transparency.

City Council emphasized the need to create a Citizen Street Committee to help prioritize streets that would receive funding. The committee is comprised of two representatives from each ward; 2 at-large representatives; and 2 representatives from either businesses, employers, ACEDC, or the Chamber of Commerce. It is important that all of Alamosa is represented in these discussions, and that priorities from all areas are included in the recommendation to City Council.

“Placing this question before the voters allows Alamosa residents to decide how much funding will go towards repairing and maintaining our streets”, said Mayor Coleman.


 “They can set the priority for street services.”

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