Public Works

When applying for a permit please send check to City of Alamosa, P.O. Box 419, Alamosa CO 81101 along with copy of signed application to expiate processing.

First Street Project

Phase One

This phase will allow for the complete re-alignment of the Murphy/Mullins intersection. The City and First United Methodist Church have worked together to allow the street to be re-aligned across their front yard as seen in the exhibit. This will accomplish several things that we hope will improve safety
and traffic flow for those people that regularly use this intersection:

  • We will have a left turn lane off northbound Murphy onto Mullins that will allow stacking of several cars without impacting northbound though traffic or motorists entering Murphy from First
  • We will increase the stacking distance for those motorists entering First from southbound Murphy
  • We will be adding four feet to the west side of Murphy that will allow us to maintain a bike lane and add dedicated left and right turn lanes from southbound Murphy to east and westbound First
  • The ninety degree geometry will allow better visibility and safety for both motorists and pedestrians when making turning movements in the intersection

Because of the relatively light use of Mullins during the summer vacation we expect little traffic disruption during this part of the project, see suggested route alternatives to avoid the construction area. We expect this phase to last until approximately July 17. When this phase is complete and in
service we will move to Phase 2

Phase Two

We will be completely rebuilding the intersection of Murphy, First, and Pike. During this phase we will add a dedicated right turn lane for westbound First Street traffic onto Murphy. This phase will also involve some additional utility work to improve storm drainage and sanitary sewer improvements and
will require the complete closure of the intersection for the duration of this phase of the project. Please see suggested route alternatives to avoid the construction zone. We expect this phase to be the most impactful to traffic and pedestrian movements and will move through this stage as quickly as possible. This phase involves the first real requirement for collaboration with other entities and organizations and will involve coordinating construction activities with Xcel, and access options and routing for patients and emergency vehicles with San Luis Valley Health, and Valley-Wide. Please access the hospital emergency room and main entrance from Second Street for the duration of Phase 2 and 3. Valley-Wide will still be accessible from First Street during Phase 2 but will require Second Street access during Phase 3. Phase 2 is expected to take approximately 2 weeks and will begin immediately following phase 1, our planned dates as of today are July 18 through July 31.

Phase Three

This phase will see the complete reconstruction on First Street and many of the sidewalks between Poncha and Edgemont. There will be no real changes to the appearance of the street other than the new road surface and sidewalks. Some of the things we hope to accomplish include:

  • We will improve some of the drainage capabilities of the street
  • We will take nearly a foot out of the centerline in places, reducing the steep side slopes
  • We will improve marking and hopefully visibility and awareness of the ambulance and emergency vehicle activity. The Ambulance District is expecting roughly 3,500 calls this calendar year, that means they are impacting traffic on First Street on either their response leg or their
    return trip 7,000 times a year!

The final phase of this year’s project is expected to take approximately 7 weeks and will begin immediately following the completion of phase 2, our planned dates as of today are August 1 through September 22.

Other Construction

This will be a busy summer for City crews and our contractors. In addition to our normal maintenance
and annual projects we will be:

  • Applying a 1” asphalt mat to approximately 12,400 feet of the following city streets:
    • South Craft from First Street south to the City limits
    • West Tenth from Hwy. 285 west to the City limits
    • Railroad Avenue from Eighth Street south to Hwy. 285
    • Princess Ann Place
    • Mountain View Place
    • Cottonwood Place
    • Vigil Way
    • Lee Drive
    • Plachy Drive, and
    • Lakewood Drive from Sarah Lane east to the asphalt transition at the northeast corner of the lake
  • Replacing approximately 3,500 feet of failing sewer main on Second Street from San Juan to the alley west of Alamosa Avenue and on Twelfth Street from Just west of State to Ladue.
  • Replacing the ultra-violet disinfection unit at the wastewater treatment facility.
  • Building a new Parks and Cemetery Building at the entrance to the cemetery that will be an ADA compliant facility that will house Parks maintenance crews and provide public restrooms for cemetery visitors as well as a private area for funeral planning.
  • We will also be building the Multi-Purpose Pavilion that will provide a consistent 5 month ice season for hockey and recreational skating as well as the ability to accommodate many other activities during the off months .
  • We are hoping to paint the exterior of the Craft water tower this fall
  • We will be working in conjunction with Xcel to convert approximately 30% of our streetlights to LED. This is planned to continue for two more years until all applicable lights have been converted.
  • Replacing the bucking chutes at the fairgrounds
  • Replacing the indoor walking track surface at the Alamosa Family Recreation Center, and
  • Improving the appearance and condition of many of the City well houses. 

As always, any questions or concerns can be directed to the office of Public Works in City Hall or we can be reached at 719-589-6631